Kasm Kali Linux Workspace Powers Ethical Hacking Pentesting Lab with TryHackMe over OpenVPN

Kasm Workspaces was featured on the Tech Raj YouTube channel as the technology powering an ethical hacking pentesting lab with TryHackMe: https://youtu.be/ir3QhZp8864

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2 min readOct 21, 2022


Kali Linux in Kasm Workspaces

“We use a concept called Docker Streaming to setup our Kali Linux Lab. We will make use of an awesome Docker Streaming Platform called Kasm for this.” said Teja Swaroop, Owner of Tech Raj. “You can install Kasm Workspaces Community Edition for absolutely free of cost, on your Linux machine.”

Pentesting Wordpress in a risk free lab.

In this video Teja provides a comprehensive overview of a cloud-based pentesting lab:

· Explanation of Docker Streaming.

· Kasm Workspaces Community Edition deployment to AWS.

· Cloud install process.

· Installation of the Workspaces Open-in-isolation Chrome extension.

· Setting up Kali Linux Workspace with root privileges.

· Updates and configuration to OpenVPN.

· Accessing cloud-hosted vulnerable machine via TryHackMe via OpenVPN.

· Usage of gobuster on Kali for directory enumeration to identify WordPress.

· Exploits xml-rpc via bruteforcing credentials with wpexploit.

· Gets reverse-shell to a computer…and leaves escalation to the viewer.

This pentesting lab utilizes our Kasm Workspaces platform to demonstrate the ease and speed by which a cloud-native lab can be set up and accessed through a web browser.

Gobuster using dirbuster.

For more information on our community edition see: https://www.kasmweb.com/community-edition



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